V & M Performance Industrial Services

We provide all kinds of paint services with our experienced journeyman painters.  Contact us for details or questions about your painting needs and projects.  

Metal Refinishing

We specialize in metal finishing and painting.  Using the right materials in a dust free environment to achieve the results you want.

Personal Items

Personalize your items with new and different colours to match your home, your wedding or party theme, or just so they are your favourite colour.


Have a lot to paint, and want them done quickly and professionally?  Bring us your fence boards, shelves or other large quantity items you want finished or painted.

Industrial coating

We can provide industrial coating services.  

Scratch repair

We can make those annoying scratches and paint imperfections disappear. 

Industrial and Personalization painting

We also paint personal or industrial items in a controlled, dust free environment for amazing results.  

Industrial Painting Services

Our industrial journeyman painter has 15 years of experience painting industrial parts and materials.  

Personalization Painting

We can paint your personal items in a dust free environment for optimal results.  Bring us your furniture, sculptures or personal items for a refreshed or new coat of paint.